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If you live in Reno, I know what you did two summers ago…

When the wildfire in Reno neared her own neighborhood, my friend had to leave work to retrieve her kids from school.  But her neighborhood  was evacuated so she couldn’t go to her house where her husband and dog waited.  She took her two children to a Chili’s, not knowing where else to go, and her phone promptly died.  Fortunately, she shot a text out to her husband just before that, he got out with the dog, found her, and their house didn’t burn down.  Her friends’ houses did, though.

What does this have to do with quirks of French culture, organic baby bedding, and fine embroidery? I’m getting to that.

Last summer through my living room window, I watched helicopters with buckets on cables fly toward the nearby Donner Lake.   The pilots scooped out water to carry over to dump on parts of the Rim Fire, a huge wildfire by Yosemite.   This image is the abstract idea of climate change made concrete. And this is why Mimi & Sky, as you know, donates 3% of every sale to POW, Protect Our Winters.

Not only does this nonprofit protect winter, its efforts also work towards making changes to reduce the danger of droughts and wildfires.  We each do what we can do, and every little bit of giving back can add up.

The Rim Fire - August 2013

The Rim Fire – August 2013

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