Mimi & Sky versus Climate Change

I’m not sure that you know this, but we donate 3% of every sale of our products to Protect Our Winters. http://protectourwinters.org/about


Jeremy. Snowboarder. Mountaineer. Environmentalist

POW was started in 2007 by our friend Jeremy Jones.  He is a very famous freestyle snowboarder.  Duh, you may say if you are a snowboarder as many of you are.  Sky is, but I am not.  I am an EXTREME hiking-with-dog-person.  Proud. Of. It.  Anyway, Jeremy started POW because he had to learn to become a mountain climber to go to the places he wanted to snowboard.   Traveling all over the world he began to see that he had fewer and fewer places to snowboard.  Not enough snow.  Do you know that the ski and snowboard industries provide almost one million jobs in the US.  And like $67 billion annually to the US economy.   Ever been to Squaw Valley, or Heaven as we call it here in Truckee?


Squaw Valley, California

If you live on the East Coast or in the Midwest you probably are thinking that this is insane as last winter (2014) was so wild and intense with record breaking cold and huge snow accumulations.   We DO NOT NEED TO PROTECT WINTERS.  I feel your pain.  I was in Chicago in late January for two weeks.  But such crazy winter conditions are because of climate change due to carbon emissions.  POW has “the goal of reducing climate change’s effects on our sports and local economies”.   Including protecting us from the effects of super storms during winter.   Here in the Tahoe area there is a drought resulting from very low snowfall this winter, and last winter, too.   Climate change is with us, but maybe it is not here to stay.  We so hope.

At Mimi & Sky we pay attention to our relationship with the environment and  with each purchase you do too.  POW!

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