Aloha Tahoe, Part I


Sky, five year old Soleil, and I went to the North Shore of Hawaii in May for a vaca.  Sky is a surfer and had spent many months there in the past.  She’s  told me that we needed to go there and we finally did.  Good call, Sky!  We rented a small & comfy apartment through VRBO that was almost on the beach.  Totally recommend this lovely apartment.  The visuals by it are astoundingly beautiful & heavenly to behold.   And to smell (flowers literally everywhere) and to listen to (ocean).  Obviously, you might say.  But until you are there in the countryside and feeling that NS feeling, you kind of can’t imagine the energy of the place.  People are in board shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, on no speed fat tire bikes with surf boards, totally laid back and seeming very, for lack of a better word, grounded.  There is a bike or walking path in a lush long garden that envelopes it & goes for miles by the ocean.  People on the path ride their fat tire no speed cruisers, steering with one hand and holding their board with the other.  Next time we will rent bikes.

Photo May 15, 5 43 49 PM

I have to tell you as well that there is the Hawaiian rum – a fantastic discovery of mine from the grocery store, Foodland.   Kohoa Rum, especially the Coconut one  is…there are no words for it.   Just try it sometime and you will be happy like I was.  Sweet but not too, with a coco-nutty essence – puts a smile inside your mind.

It is slower and quieter and sweet on the North Shore.   It is “aloha”.  The Aloha Spirit webpage defines the word as “”the joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of life energy (ha) in the present (alo).”

Here is what aloha means: you find a tree swing used by some local kids you never met before, pretty soon they boost you up – a stranger – and you take off into the sky – over the ocean.  They laugh and yell with you & than take a turn, too.


You meet another local kid while your Mom is surfing .  You & she climb a tree to watch your Mom and her sister surf the break at Turtle Bay.  You see her the next four nights when your Mom surfs & you play & hug each other & beg the bartender (it is at the Turtle Bay Resort ) for maraschino cherries, which he gives to you.  You take them up in the tree & watch Mom & Sis surf.

Photo May 15, 9 48 33 PM (1)

This is Aloha.  Open, happy, friendly, present, celebrating nature.  It feels like that in Truckee/ Tahoe.   We have our own Aloha Spirit here which is why Lake Tahoe is so popular, like the North Shore of Oahu and why those of us who live here are very very lucky.


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