Aloha–Part Deux (2)


Sky, Soleil who is 6, and I just got back from the North Shore of Hawaii for our annual vacay.   Here is a crazy, great Mai Tai for you from the Koloa Rum company on Kauai.  Let us celebrate all good things Hawaiian here: ocean, Hawaiians, sky, tropical forests & plants, and Mai Tai’s.

maitaiphotoIf you read our last post, which was a long long time ago, you might remember how we learned that the word Aloha means caring and kindness.  It means grace, as in always giving to others light and love.

On this trip, we had many many experiences of Aloha.  For example, someone built a kids’ swing on the flowery tropical bike path that runs along the North Shore for many miles, often right next to the ocean.  Northshore15d

Families go through lots of positive & challenging experiences all the time.   The Aloha spirit was just what our family needed & Hawaii gives with a generous hand to help families to come together, play hard, laugh, reconnect, at times to heal & always to see with fresh eyes that which is most important.  Northshore15cedit

Teaching children about the joys of being in nature.  That is Hawaii, depending on where you stay.  Put down the device, turn off the video, get out of the house & go feel the Aloha energy of peace & freedom & joy in nature.   Soleil was watching her mom Sky surf off the point at Turtle Bay after she had been swimming in the ocean.  Northshore15b

We were supposed to leave on a Thursday but Lindsey, who owns the apartment that we rent off Rocky Point, told us  about a fundraiser to help support the family of a 38 year old elementary school teacher who died suddenly.  Three local favorite musicians & a number of caterers & artisans volunteered their unique gifts.  One such volunteer was Jack Johnson.  We changed our plane tickets.  Music, laughter, tears, giving, dancing, food, love and a celebration of this sweet & lively woman’s life made this such a special event – and memory.  The essence of Aloha.  Her work & the community’s response to her passing.   Northshore15e

Thank you for joining us here on a thoughtful revisiting of our visit to what we feel like is our second home.   Hawaiians have been blessed with a paradise of nature’s most exquisite gifts.  Thank you or Mahalo, to Hawaii.  And Aloha to you.

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