Loving design and loving giving back

West Elm hand made felt Penguins from Nepal

West Elm hand made felt Penguins from Nepal

Loving design/ loving giving back

Did you see last Christmas that West Elm had a whole line of crazy felt animal tree ornaments made by a collective in Peru? I got the penguin, polar bear and wolf ornaments for Soleil ?. It took a while for her to get them as I could not stop playing especially with the penguin. Its little black felt wings turned out at the bottom & it had the best tiny yellow beak. I complained to Paulette as she sat in my purse about having to mail presents from the minuscule post office in Truckee. Nightmare.

For some years now, Wisteria, Ballard Design, West Elm, & other companies showcase products that are made by local artisans, & are not made in China or elsewhere.

The change in my own buying habits started when Mimi & Sky was birthed, so to speak, & we used a lot of Les Indiennes  interior design upholstery fabrics. I talked them into selling to tiny Truckee-based us. We bought two yards at a time – it is VERY pricey. There is a reason for the high cost. The gorgeous textiles are from organically grown Indian cotton that’s hand printed by artisans in villages with traditional botanical designs & herbal dyes. I love that! Buy a lovely thing & support a village in a remote place that has a great product & gets benefits for its sustenance! Brilliant.

It is just not that hard to find gifts or fabulous great design pieces for the home that GIVE BACK. Maybe it’s not the only way to shop for your home, but when your urges-emerge for-lovely things to make your space chic, minimalistically cool, Parisian electric, or charming, inviting, & homeye once in while check for alternatives. Does another vase that you like as, or almost as much as, give back to the people who made it by hand, enriching their lives with your purchase?. I am a design addict and I love to think about changing the world for the better. Hey, spend on, mes Amies but maybe with a purpose, n’est pas?

Les Indiennes pillows

Les Indiennes hand printed organic cotton from India


Red phone case from Red, ending AIDS in Africa

Red phone case from Red, ending AIDS in Africa


Faircloth clothing made in Nepal

Faircloth clothing made in Nepal


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