The Nature Police


Normally, Sky & I and our families spend much of our time outdoors biking, snowboarding, hiking, and swimming. It is mandatory in LT.  You get tickets from the Nature Police if you don’t and then you have to do community service, i.e, picking up garbage by the Truckee River.

I am drawn to the French, French lifestyle, and language (inspired by Leon, Parisian Grandfather) but also to be outside as often as possible in glorious nature.  Having spent a lot of my free time outdoors fortunately I have had astounding encounters with many creatures.   If you are quiet enough, lucky enough, and spend enough time, you see things in the fields, forests, and by the waters of wherever you are.   I have seen:

A half dozen baby red foxes rolling around & nipping each other on a hillside field in the Cascade range of Oregon – the mother ran behind me, jumped high over the grasses, & yipped to distract me and try to have me pursue her & leave her pups alone

Thousands of monarch butterflies covering the surfaces of every available plant, bush, tree & limb by the cliffs of the the Pacific in Santa Barbara, California.

A white ermine slinking over the rocks of a fast running, half frozen creek in the northernmost part of Vancouver Island, British Columbia

A gigantic black bear by my yard & back door in Port Hardy, Vancouver Island – before I looked more closely I flashed that my neighbors purchased a black pony for their kids

Two moaning, huffing cougars stalking my boyfriend & me on a ridge above us on a remote country road by the Snake River in Idaho as we hiked at midnight to beat the heat

Dozens of wild parakeets chirping & fussing in the leaves of huge mahogany trees of the mountainous tropical rain forests of the Lacandon jungle in Chiapas, southern Mexico

A very large sleek & dark chocolate colored sea otter rolling and playing alone in the early morning on the beach of the dog park in downtown Vancouver, BC

An osprey plunging into the golden Rogue River in Oregon then muscularly beating its wings against the waters to rise with a huge spotted trout, to fly off into the trees…&

Three leggy grey wolves ambling down a isolated forest road near Prince George, BC…

Actually, I didn’t see the three wolves, a Cree Indian friend of mine did but I appropriated his memory.  It happens. Wish I had seen that.    


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  1. Beautiful paintings and beautiful writing.

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