The new green magazine that has it all: Pure Green Magazine

Happy Mother’s Day to you!  Maybe you can celebrate your life as a Mom with your sweet children and partner by being newly inspired about green living.  Mothers might just be the ones to turn the way we live around to reflect a gentler existence.  Maybe we can do this by making little changes to our homes and how we live in them. I love to happily cruise online through this great spread out of Canada: Pure Green Magazine.  It has inspirational design for homes, innovative and cool products for parents and children, recipes, and tips about easy changes for eco living.  The travel sections are amazing and even though I can’t go to some of these places, I travel in my mind and it hits the spot sometimes.   This magazine is the Martha Stewart/Domino for eco living.  The previous editor of the newly re-published and now seasonal Domino magazine, who is currently the editor of the vastly fun and beautiful Design Sponge, wrote about Pure Green Magazine and how inspiring it is for her.  I love the baby and kid stuff as it’s wonderful that there are so many of us out there trying to make beautiful and safe products for children.  It’s worth checking out.


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