A comfo named Eugenie

mimi and sky organic comforterThe comforter “Eugenie”, named after our great aunt from Paris (who brought our family to Chicago)  is hanging with an art nouveau goddess.  She, the goddess, oversees John and Annie Pugh’s living room.  They are my friends and they painted her in their livingroom.  He is a successful muralist who lives in Truckee.  John, Annie, other artist friends & I draw live models in his huge studio on a regular basis.  It is an artist thing.  That is another story.

Eugenie Rondenet was an artists’ model in Menilmontant which was back then a working class area of Paris.  She married at 16, moved to the USA, and lived out her days in San Francisco.   Thanks to her and the other muses/goddesses who hover around us designers/artists.

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