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Since I badly hurt my back in July 2015, the number of hours I have spent looking at Paris apartments on Airbnb and other such sites equals obtaining a degree in the new field of Vacation Apartment Rental Theory. I couldn’t sew (or sit up) and oddly was drawn into a new love, in addition to all things French – environmental biology. The stories of ancient tiny elephants the size of pigs that inhabited the Channel Islands off Southern California and SWAM there from the mainland took the edge off during the back recuperation. As did other such stories, like the evolution of the rare and insanely beautiful Madagascar island lemurs.  (Thanks David Quamman, author of The Song of the Dodo)

I’ve lost you, yes??  I do not wish upon you a back injury to help you to understand how bizarre true facts about the evolutionary development of animals created for me a will to overcome the adversity of an uncertain future for my health.  

A few months before the back problem Sky and Soleil, Sky’s 7 year old daughter and my granddaughter, went to a film in Truckee about plastic in the oceans

Plastic Paradise film

We learned how the goofy looking, very large chicks of the Albatross were unable to grow to adulthood because their mothers fed them plastic.  It washes up on the beaches of the island nesting sites in the middle of the Pacific because of the current.  Afterward, Soleil and I drew many pictures of Albatross chicks  – we named them, made up stories about them, and talked about how to save them.  Then I painted a “portrait” of one for Soleil and made a giclée  print for an artist friend in Canada.

The back problem happened.  Everything stopped.  And I started reading about how unique every animal is.  All animals are a miracle of biology, chance, place, conditions, and proximity to humans. Especially the latter.  

So now you know – we have baby endangered species animal paintings for the nursery or kid’s room on the Mimi & Sky website.  And when a print is sold on our website a portion of each sale goes to Oceana and Protect Our Winters.  I hope that you like them.        albatrossyellomatframed-1  

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