Sierra Nevada Red Fox Pup Canvas

Sierra Nevada Red Fox Pup Canvas
Sierra Nevada Red Fox Pup Canvas Sierra Nevada Red Fox Pup Canvas

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Canvas art giclée print for the nursery of a curious & sweet Sierra Nevada Red Fox pup.  The prints are of the highest-quality, on heavy and textured paper.  They will not fade over time.  Signed by the artist: Mimi Rondenet. 

The canvas size is 8" by 10" and a .5 inches deep. 

A portion of each sale goes to one of the following: Mountain Area Preservation and Sierra Watch. 

The lovely & special creatures in the drawings are threatened by a number of factors. This encourages us to try to help to protect their futures. Our hope is that children will be able to know about and appreciate such amazing animals during their own lifetimes. It is clear that this will only occur with the use of science, conservation efforts, and other forms of advocacy from organizations around the world.

The Sierra Nevada Red fox is a highly solitary creature. Its numbers have been affected by trapping, habitat destruction, fragmentation of its habitat, and possibly diseases from domestic dogs. In the California Lassen Peak area, in 2014 biologists believe that the total population of SNRF to be fewer than 50 foxes and perhaps as low as 15 foxes.