About Us

Mimi & Sky - last night in Paris on the Seine River

Mimi & Sky Studio was created following a desire to offer unique, lovely, soft, and safe bedding for babies and small children. Recently we have evolved and changed. We wanted artistically to express love for our own beautiful & natural lives in Truckee, California by Lake Tahoe - and our concern for the environment and animals.  Mimi & Sky studio still enjoys the French lifestyle of an appreciation for art, design, and great cuisine.  We still GO TO PARIS and always will!!  The art Mimi makes represents our increasing awareness of issues about this beautiful planet and it's inhabitants.  Each print has been created after learning about the creature and how it is doing in it's habitat.  Let us give our children the gift of knowing that these animals still exist in the wild.  A portion of the sales of our sweet nursery and kids' rooms prints is donated to help to protect the environments of the animal or ocean creature in the painting.  We celebrate our fantastic planet and it's inhabitants and want to enhance your sweet nurseries or kids' rooms with our art prints.